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ZHAO Y., HUPIN S., VULUGA D., LECAMP L., AFONSO C., BUREL F., LOUTELIER-BOURHIS C. Thiol-ene chemistry of vegetable oils and their derivatives under UV and air : a model study by using infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. RSC Advances, 7 : 3343-3352 (2017) DEHBI A., YOUSSEF B., CHAPPEY C., MOURAD A.H.I., PICUNO P., STATUTO D. Multilayers Polyethylene Film for Crop Protection in Harsh Climatic Conditions. Adv. Mat. Sci. Eng., 2017 : 1-7 (2017) KEBIR N., NOUIGUES S., MORANNE P., (...)

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DUVAL C., KEBIR N., JAUSEAU R., BUREL F. Organocatalytic synthesis of novel renewable non-isocyanate polyhydroxyurethanes. J. Polym. Sci., Part A : Polym. Chem. 54 : 758-764 (2016) BIGOT S., DAGHRIR M., MHANNA A., BONI G., POURCHET S., LECAMP L., PLASSERAUD L. Undecylenic acid : A tunable bio-based synthon for materials applications. Eur. Polym. J., 74 : 26-37 (2016) KEBIR N., KRIEGEL I., ESTEVE M., SEMETEY V. Preparation of bactericidal cationic PDMS surfaces using a facile and (...)

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FOLLAIN N., SAIAH R., FATYEYEVA K., RANDRIANANDRASANA N., LEBLANC N., MARAIS S., LECAMP L. Hydrophobic surface treatments of sunflower pith using eco-friendly processes. Cellulose, 22 : 245-259 (2015) DUVAL C., KEBIR N., CHARVET A., MARTIN A., BUREL F. Synthesis and properties of renewable Non-Isocyanate Polyurethanes (NIPUs) from dimethylcarbonate. J. Polym. Sci. Part A : Polym. Chem., 53 : 1351-1359 (2015) BIGOT S., KEBIR N., PLASSERAUD L., BUREL F. Organocatalytic synthesis of new (...)

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BARRERE C., HUBERT-ROUX M., AFONSO C., REJAIBI M., KEBIR N., DESILLES N., LECAMP L., BUREL F., LOUTELIER-BOURHIS C. Tandem mass spectrometry of low solubility polyamides Analytica Chimica Acta, 808 : 3-9 (2014) MHANNA A., SADAKA F., BONI G., BRACHAIS C-H., BRACHAIS L., COUVERCELLE J-P., PLASSERAUD L., LECAMP L. Photopolymerizable synthons from glycerol derivatives JAOCS, 91 : 337-348 (2014) LEVENEUR S., ZHENG J., TAOUK B., BUREL F., WARNA J., SALMI T. Interaction of thermal and kinetic (...)

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JELLALI R., CAMPISTRON I., LAGUERRE A., PASETTO P., LECAMP L., BUNEL C., MOUGET J.L., PILARD J.F. Synthesis of new photocurable oligoisoprenes and kinetic studies of their radical photopolymerization. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 127 : 1359-1368 (2013) JELLALI R., CAMPISTRON I., LAGUERRE A., LECAMP L., PASETTO P., BUNEL C., MOUGET J.L., PILARD J.F. Synthesis and crosslinking kinetic study of epoxidized and acrylated/epoxidized oligoisoprenes : Comparison between cationic and radical (...)

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CHARTIER T., BADEV A., ABOULIATIM Y., LEBAUDY P., LECAMP L. Stereolithography process : influence of the rheology of silica suspensions and of the medium on polymerization kinetics - cured depth and width. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 32 : 1625-1634 (2012) ZOVI O., LOUTELIER-BOURHIS C., HUBERT-ROUX M., LECAMP L., LANGE C.M. Mechanistic study of the maleic anhydride grafting onto fatty double bonds using mass spectrometry. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom., 26 : 1265-1276 (2012) BARRERE C., (...)

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BADEV A., ABOULIATIM Y., CHARTIER T., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., CHAPUT C., DELAGE C. Photopolymerization kinetics of a polyether acrylate in the presence of ceramic fillers used in stereolithography. J. Photochem. Photobiol. A : Chem., 222 : 117-122 (2011) BRESTAZ M., DESILLES N., LE G., BUNEL C. Polyester from dimethylketene and acetaldehyde : direct copolymerization and β-lactone ring opening polymerization. J. Polym. Sci. Part A : Polym. Chem.,49 : 4129-4138 (2011) HAYKI N., DESILLES N., (...)

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HAYKI N., LECAMP L., DESILLES N., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. Kinetic study of photoinitiated frontal polymerization. Influence of the temporal variation of UV light intensity on the conversion profiles. Macromolecules, 43 : 177-184 (2010) SERGENT F., ZANATI J., BISSON V., DESILLES N., RESCH B., MARPEAU L. Perioperative course and medium-term outcome of the transobturator and infracoccygeal hammock for post-hysterectomy vaginal vault prolapse. Int. J. Gynecol. Obstet., 109 : 131-135 (2010) (...)

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N’NEGUE MINTSA M., LECAMP L., BUNEL C. A new UV-curable powder coating based on a a,w-unsaturated copolyamide 6/11/12. Eur. Polym. J., 45 : 2043-52 (2009) SERGENT F., DESILLES N., LACOUME Y., BUNEL C., MARIE J.-P., MARPEAU L. Experimental biomechanical evaluation of polypropylene prostheses used in pelvic organ prolapse surgery. Int. Urogynecol. J., 20 : 597-604 (2009) SERGENT F., DESILLES N., LACOUME Y., BUNEL C., MARIE J.-P., MARPEAU L. Mechanical evaluation of synthetic biomaterials (...)

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BUREL F., POUSSARD L., TABRIZIAN M., MERHI Y., BUNEL C. The influence of isocyanurate content on the bioperformance of hydrocarbon-based polyurethanes. J. Biomater. Sci. Polymer Edn, 29 (4) : 525-540 (2008) BELLONCLE B., BUREL F., OULYADI H., BUNEL C. Study of the in vitro degradation of poly(ethyl glyoxylate). Polym. Degrad. Stab., 93 (6) : 1151-1157 (2008) LEBAUDY P., ESTEL L., LEDOUX A. Microwave heating of poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottle preforms used in the thermoforming process. (...)

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AZAN V., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. Simulation of the photopolymerization gradient inside a pigmented coating. Influence of TiO2 concentration on the gradient. Prog. Org. Coatings, 58 : 70-75 (2007) KEBIR N., CAMPISTRON I., LAGUERRE A., PILARD J.F., BUNEL C., JOUENNE T. Use of new telechelic cis-1,4-polyisoprene cationomers in the synthesis of ionic polyurethanes and copolyurethanes bearing ammonium groups. A study of their thermo-mechanical, surface and antibacterial properties. (...)

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POUSSARD L., BUREL F, COUVERCELLE J.P, LOUTELLIER-BOURHIS C., BUNEL C. Synthesis of new anionic HTPB-based polyurethane elastomers : aqueous dispersion and physical properties. J. Appl. Pol. Sci., 100 (4) : 3312-3322 (2006). NOBLET G., DESILLES N., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. Gradient structure polymer obtained from homogeneous mixture : Synthesis and mechanical properties. Macromol. Chem.Phys., 207 : 426-433 (2006) KEBIR N., CAMPISTRON I., LAGUERRE A., PILARD J.F., COUVERCELLE J.P., (...)

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BUREL F., FELDMAN A., BUNEL C. Hydrogenated hydroxyl-functionalized polyisoprene (H-HTPI) and isocyanurate of isophorone diisocyanates (I-IPDI) : reaction kinetics study using FTIR spectroscopy. Polymer, 46 : 15-25 (2005) POUSSARD L., BUREL F., COUVERCELLE J.P., MERHI Y., TABRIZIAN M., BUNEL C. In Vitro thrombogenicity investigation of new ionic polyurethanes. Influence of carboxylic group length. J. Biomat. Sci.-Polym E, 16 : 335-351 (2005) LECAMP L., PAVILLON C., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. (...)

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BUREL F., FELDMAN A., LOUTELIER C., BUNEL C. Characterization of an isophorone-based polyisocyanurate. e-polymers, 011 : 1-9 (2004) DESILLES N., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. Elaboration of gradient structure materials from homogeneous system combining UV and thermal processes. Polymer, 45 : 1439-1446 (2004) EL KHOLDI O., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C., ALEXANDRE S. Modification of adhesive properties of a polyethylene film by photografting. J. Applied Polym. Sci., 92 : 2803-2811 (...)

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BUREL F., FELDMAN A., OULYADI H., BUNEL C. NMR characterization of a hydroxytelechelic hydrogenated polyisoprene. Int. J. Polym. Anal. Charact., 8 : 301-316 (2003) BUREL F., ROSSIGNOL P., PONTVIANE P., HARTMAN J., COUESNON N., BUNEL C. Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethyl glyoxylate) (PEtG), a new potentialy biodegra-dable polymer. e-Polymers, 031 : 1-12 (2003) DESILLES N., LECAMP L., LEBAUDY P., BUNEL C. Gradient structure materials from homogeneous system induced by UV (...)

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