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YALA, J.F., THEBAULT, P., HEQUET, A., HUMBLOT, V., PRADIER C.M. and J.M. BERJEAUD ; (2011) elaboration of antibiofilm materials by chemical grafting of an antimicrobial peptide. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 89 : 623-634. BENAMARA, H., RIHOUEY, C., JOUENNE, T. and S. ALEXANDRE Impact of the biofilm mode of growth on the inner membrane phospholipid composition and lipid domains in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. BBA Biomembranes, 2011 ;1808 : 98-105 TNANI, H., LOPEZ, I., JOUENNE, T and C.M. (...)

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CONLON, J.M., COQUET, L., JOUENNE, T., LEPRINCE, J., VAUDRY, H. and S. IWAMURO. Evidence from the primary structures of dermal antimicrobial peptides that Rana tagoi okiensis and Rana tagoi tagoi (Ranidae) are not conspecific subspecies. Toxicon, 2010, 55 : 430 – 435 TABBENE, O., KARKOUCH, I., ELKAHOUI, S., COSETTE, P., MANGONI, M.L., JOUENNE, T and F. LIMAM. A new antibacterial and antioxidant compound S07-2 produced by-B. subtilis B38. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 2010, 303 : 176-182 (...)

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BENARD, L., LITZLER, P.-Y., COSETTE, P., LEMELAND, J.F., JOUENNE, T. and G.A. JUNTER.Proteomic analysis of staphylococcus aureus biofilms grown in vitro on mechanical heart valve leaflets. J. Biomed. Mat. Res., 2009, 88A : 1069-1078. SOURI, M., MORA-PONSONNET, L., GLINEL, K., OTHMANE, A., JOUENNE T. and A. DUNCAN. Surface assembly on biofunctional magnetic nanobeads for the study of protein-ligand interactions. Colloids Surf. B : Biointerf B, 2009, 68:125-129. GLINEL, K., , A. M. (...)

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ACL66 ABDERRAHMANE S., HIMOUR A., PONSONNET L. Inactivation of E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa by electrochloration under bipolar pulsed polarization. Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 901-905 (2008). ACL69 BAKHTI M.Z., SELATNIA A., JUNTER G.-A. Biosorption of Ag+ from aqueous solution by Streptomyces rimosus biomass. Int. J. Environ. Pollut., 34 : 297-307 (2008). ACL70 BAYOUDH S., OTHMANE A., PONSONNET L. Electrical detection and characterization of bacterial adhesion using (...)

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COLLET, A., COSETTE, P., VILAIN, S., COSETTE, P., JUNTER, G.A., JOUENNE, T., PHILIPPS, R.S. DI MARTINO, P. Protein expression in E. coli S17-1 biofilms : impact of indole. Anton. Leeuw. Inter. J. G. Anton. Leeuw. Inter. J. G., 2007, 91 : 71-85. DUSSART-BAPTISTA, L., BODILIS, J., BARRAY, S., FREBOURG, N., FOURNIER, M., DUPONT, J.P. and T. JOUENNE. Recurrent recovery of Pseudomonas oryzihabitans strains in a karstified chalk aquifer. Wat. Res., 2007, 41 : 111-117. CONLON, J.M., COQUET, (...)

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CHARTREL, N., BRUZZONE, F., LEPRINCE, J., TOLLEMER, H., ANOUAR, Y., DO-REGO J.C., SEGELAS-MILAZZO, I., GUILHAUDIS, L., COSETTE, P., JOUENNE, T., SIMMONET, G., BEAUVILLAIN, J.C., COSTENTIN, J., VAUDRY, H. Structure and functions of the novel hypothalamic RFamide neuropeptides R-RFa and 26RFa in vertebrates. Peptides 27 : 1110-1120 (2006) CONLON, J.M., AL-GHAFARI, N., COQUET, L., C LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., DAVIDSONE, C.S. Evidence from peptidomic analysis of skin secretions (...)

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MARECK, A., LAMOUR, R., SCHAUMANN, A., CHAN, P., DRIOUIC, A., PELLOUX, J. and P ; LEROUGE. Analysis of LuPME3, a pectin methylesterase from linum usitatissimum revealed a variability in PME proteolytic maturation. Plant Signaling & Behaviour 2012, 7 : 1-4 MECHKARSKA, M., KING, J.D., COQUET, L.M., LEPRINCE,J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., TAKADA, K., and J.M. CONLON. Host-defense peptides from skin secretions of the tetraploid frogs Xenopus petersii and Xenopus pygmaeus, and the octoploid (...)

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DAKHLAOUI-DKHIL, S., COQUET, L., COSETTE, P., ELKAHOUI, S., CHAN TCHI SONG, P., VAUDRY, D., SAHLI HANNACHI, A., TRIFI, N., LIMAM, F. and T. JOUENNE. The Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) leaf proteome : identification of a gender biomarker to screen male parents. Plant Omics J. 2013, 194 : 6900-6908 ZANINA, N., MORA, L., OTHMANE, A., BENARD, M., DUNCAN, A., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, D. and M. SOUIRI. Differences in Caco-2 cell attachment, migration on collagen and fibronectin coated (...)

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POURNARAS S, POULOU A, DAFOPOULOU K, NAIT CHABANE Y, KRISTO I, MAKRIS D, HARDOUIN J, COSETTE P, TSAKRIS A,. DE E Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 58 (2014) 828-832. Growth retardation, reduced invasiveness and impaired colistin-mediated cell death associated with colistin resistance development in Acinetobacter baumannii CHAHED H, EZZINE A, BEN M’LOUKA A, HARDOUIN J, JOUENNE T, MARZOUKI MN. Mol Biotechnol. 56 (2014) 340-350. Biochemical Characterization, Molecular Cloning, and Structural (...)

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LEQUEUX I, DUCASSE E, JOUENNE T, THEBAULT P (IF 1.63) Q21825. Design of an antibacterial gelatin based on a covalent protein-protein coupling. OUIDIR T, JARNIER F, COSETTE P, JOUENNE T, HARDOUIN J J. Proteomics 114, 2015° 214-225 Characterization of N-terminal protein modifications in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14 BEN MLOUKA MA, KHEMIRI A, SEYER D, HARDOUIN J, CHAN TCHI SONG P, DE E, JOUENNE T, COSETTE P Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 407 (2015) 1513-1518. Characterization of new outer membrane (...)

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ISSAOUI, N., ABIDI, F., HARDOUIN, J., ABDELKAFI, Z, MARRAKCHI N, JOUENNE T and MARZOUKI MN. iotechnol. Appl. Biochem. , 2016, doi : 10.1002/bab.1478 Two novel peptides with angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory and antioxidative activities from Scorpaena notata muscle protein hydrolysate. B KHEMIRI A, JOUENNE T and P COSETTE. Med. Microbiol. Immunol. 2016, 205 : 1-19 Proteomics dedicated to biofilmology : what have we learned from a decade of research. SNOUSSI, S., ELMAY, A., (...)

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