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DULONG, V., FORBICE, R., CONDAMINE, E., PICTON, L., LE CERF, D. 2011, Pullulan - STMP Hydrogels. A Way to Correlate Crosslinking Mechanism, Structure and Physicochemical Properties. Polymer Bulletin 67, (2011) 455-466 FETTAKA M., ISSAADI R., MOULAI-MOSTEPHA N., DEZ I., LE CERF D. , PICTON L. Thermo sensitive behavior of cellulose derivatives in dilute aqueous solutions : From macroscopic to mesoscopic scale Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 357 (2011) 372–378 LENORMAND H., (...)

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Brevet VANNIER J.P, DAVID L., LE CERF D., DULONG V., COQUEREL B., DESANGE E. Improved Crosslinked Hyaluronan Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture, EP10305666 Université de Rouen 22 Juin 2010 Articles : DJEDRI S., ISSAADI R., LE CERF D., PICTON L., MOULAI-MOSTEFA N. Surfactants synthesis using petroleum fractions and crude oil : Application in microemulsion formulation. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2010, 31, 4. SOUGUIR Z., ROUDESLI S., ABOUT-JAUDET E., PICTON L., LE CERF D. (...)

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COQUEREL B, POYER F, TOROSSIAN F, DULONG V, BELLON G, DUBUS I, REBER A, VANNIER JP, Elastin-Derived Peptides : Matrikines Critical for Glioblastoma Cell Aggressiveness in a 3-D System GLIA, 2009, 57, 1716-1726 VINCENT, JC ; LENORMAND, H, How hyaluronan-protein complexes modulate the hyaluronidase activity : The model, BIOPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 2009, 145, 126-134 LENORMAND H., TRANCHEPAIN F., DESCHREVEL B., VINCENT J-C., The hyaluronan–protein complexes at low ionic strength : How the (...)

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CATEL Y., DEGRANGE M., LE PLUART L., MADEC P.J., PHAM T.N., PICTON L. Synthesis, Photopolymerization and Adhesive Properties of New Hydrolytically Stable Phosphonic Acids for Dental Applications. J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Chem 2008, 46, 7074-7090. POPA M., SUNEL V. , PROFIRE L., DUMITRAS D., POPA A.A. and LE CERF D. Synthesis of 2-(m-nitrophenyl)-4-(β-Carboxyethyl)-Δ2-Oxazolinone-5 and its immobilization on xanthan by esteric bondsCellulose Chemistry and Technology, 42, 7-8, (2008) 3077-316 (...)

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F. Cecchet, A.-S. Duwez, S. Gabriel, C. Jérôme, R. Jérôme, K. Glinel, S. Demoustier-Champagne, A. M. Jonas and B. Nysten "Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of the Morphology and the Biological Activity of Protein-Modified Surfaces for Bio- and Immuno-Sensors", Analytical Chemistry 2007, 79, 6488-6495. Souguir Z., Roudesli S., About-Jaudet E., Le Cerf D. And Picton L. Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of a novel ampholytic pullulan derivative with amphiphilic behavior in (...)

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Guyomard, A. ; Nysten, B. ; Muller, G. ; Glinel, K, Loading and Release of Small Hydrophobic Molecules in Multilayer Films Based on Amphiphilic Polysaccharides Langmuir ; 2006 ; 22(5) ; 2281-2287 Schoeler, B. ; Delorme, N. ; Doench, I. ; Sukhorukov, G. B. ; Fery, A. ; Glinel, K, Polyelectrolyte Films Based on Polysaccharides of Different Conformations : Effects on Multilayer Structure and Mechanical Properties Biomacromolecules ; 2006 ; 7(6) ; 2065-2071. V. Dulong, D. Le Cerf, L. (...)

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SOUGUIR Z., ABOUT-JAUDET E., PICTON L. LE CERF D. Drug Delivery Letters, 2, 4 (2012) 240-250 Anionic polysaccharide hydrogels with charges provided by the polysaccharide or the crosslinking agent MOCANU G., SOUGUIR Z., PICTON L., LE CERF D. Carbohydrate Polymers, 89 (2012) 578-585 Multi-responsive carboxymethyl polysaccharide crosslinked hydrogels containing Jeffamine sidechains HESPEL L., KAIFAS E., LECAMP L., PICTON L., MORANDI G., BUREL F. Polymer, 53 (2012) 4344-4352 Synthesis of (...)

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DEMANGE E., KASSIM Y., PETIT C., BUQUET C., DULONG V., LE CERF D., BUCHONNET G., VANNIER J.P. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 7 (2013) 901-910. Survival of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells in a hyaluronan hydrogel for ex vivo biomimicry ALI G., RIHOUEY C., LARRETA-GARDE V., LE CERF D., PICTON L. Biomacromolecules, 14 (2013) 2234-2241 Molecular size characterization and kinetics studies on hydrolysis of pullulan by pullulanase in an entangled alginate medium (...)

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POTORAC S., POPA M., PICTON L., DULONG V.,VERESTIUC L., LE CERF D. Biopolymers, 101, 3, (2014) 228-236 Collagen functionalized with unsaturated cyclic anhydrides - interactions in solution and solid state ROY A., COMESSE S., GRISEL M., HUCHER N., SOUGUIR Z.,RENOU F. Biomacromolecules, 15, 4, (2014) 110-1170 Hydrophobically modified xanthan : an amphiphilic but not associative polymer GASMI. S.N., RIHOUEY C., PICTON L., LE CERF D. Biopolymers, 101, 9, (2014) 938-944. Hydrolysis of (...)

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BELBEKHOUCHE S., PICTON L., LE CERF D., HAMAIDE T. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 216 (2015) 1879-1887 Pullulan-based polymer surfactants for vinyl acetate miniemulsion polymerization. Kinetics and colloidal stability investigations PAYNEL F., PAVLOV A., COLASSE L., RIHOUEY C., FOLLAIN N., DURIATTI D., BIZET L., ALLAN I., LEBRUN L., MARAIS S., MORVAN C. Composites Part A Applied Science and Manufacturing, 69 (2015) 299-305 Preparation and characterization of flax biocomposites (...)

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VULPE R., POPA M., PICTON L., BALAN V., DULONG V., BUTNARU M., VERESTIUC L., Int. J. of Biol. Macromol., 84 (2016) 174-181 Crosslinked hydrogels based on biological macromolecules with potential use in skin tissue engineering NIANG P.M., HUANG Z., DULONG V., SOUGUIR Z., LE CERF D., PICTON L. Carbohydrate Polymers, 139 (2016) 67-74 Thermo-controlled rheology of electro-assembled polyanionic polysaccharide (alginate) and polycationic thermo-sensitive polymers CHAOUCH M., HAFSA J., RIHOUEY (...)

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HAFSA J., CHAOUCH M.A., CHARFEDDINE B., RIHOUEY C., LIMEM K., LE CERF D., ROUATBI S. MAJDOUB H. Pharmaceutic Biology, 55, 1 (2017) 156-163 Effect of ultrasonic degradation of hyaluronic acid extracted from rooster comb on antioxidant and antiglycation activities BEN SALEM Y., SAFA A., HAMMI K.M. ABDELHAMID A., LE CERF D., BOURAOUI A., MAJDOUB H International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 97 (2017) 8-15 Physico-chemical characterization and pharmacological activities of (...)

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AMMAR H.H., LAJILI S., SAKLY N., CHERIF C., RIHOUEY C., LE CERF D., BOURAOUI A., MAJDOUB H. Food Chemistry, 239 (2018) 165–171 Influence of the uronic acid composition on the gastroprotective activity of alginates from three different genus of Tunisian brown algae SAEIDY S., NASIRPOUR A., KERAMAT J., DESBRIERES J., LE CERF D., PIERRE G., DELATTRE C., LAROCHE C., DE BAYNAST H., URSU A.V., MARCATI A., DJELVEHG., MICHAUD P. Carbohydrate Polymers, 181 (2018) 426–432 Structural characterization (...)

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