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• A. MARCANO, K. FATYEYEVA, M. KOUN, P. DUBUIS, M. GRIMME, S. MARAIS Reviews in Chemical Engineering (accepted 2018) Recent developments in the field of barrier and permeability properties of segmented polyurethane elastomers. • E. RYNKOWSKA, K. FATYEYEVA, J. KUJAWA, A. WOLAN, K. DZIESZKOWSKI and W. KUJAWSKI Polymers 10, (2018) 86-104. The effect of reactive ionic liquid or plasticizer incorporation on physicochemical and transport properties of cellulose acetate propionate-based membranes (...)

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CHARLON S., FOLLAIN N., SOULESTIN J., SCLAVONS M., MARAIS S. Water Transport Properties of Poly(butylene succinate) and Poly[(butylene succinate)-co-(butylene adipate)] Nanocomposite Films : Influence of the Water-Assisted Extrusion Process. J. Phys. Chem. C 121 (2017) 918-930. MESSIN T., FOLLAIN N., GUINAULT A., MIQUELARD-GARNIER G., SOLLOGOUB C., DELPOUVE N., GAUCHER V., MARAIS S. Confinement effect in PC/MXD6 multilayer films : impact of the microlayered structure on water and gas (...)

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JUNTER G.A., THÉBAULT P., LEBRUN L. Polysaccharide-based antibiofilm surface. Acta Biomaterialia 30 (2016) 13-25 CHARLON S., FOLLAIN N., DARGENT E., SOULESTIN J., SCLAVONS M., MARAIS S. Poly[(Butylene Succinate)-co-(Butylene Adipate)]-Montmorillonite Nanocomposites Prepared by Water-Assisted Extrusion : Role of the Dispersion Level and of the Structure-Microstructure on the Enhanced Barrier Properties. J. Phys. Chem. C 120 (2016) 13234−13248. TILIKET G., LADAM G., NGUYEN Q.T., LEBRUN L. (...)

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PAYNEL F., PAVLOV A., COLASSE L., RIHOUEY C., FOLLAIN N., DURIATTI D., BIZET L., ALLAN I., LEBRUN L., MARAIS S., MORVAN C. Preparation and characterization of flax biocomposites made of seed mucilages reinforced by fibres. Composites Part A, 69 (2015) 299-305 SOTO PUENTE J.A., FATYEYEVA K., MARAIS S., DARGENT E. Multifunctional hydrolyzed EVA membranes with tunable microstructure and water barrier properties. J. Membr. Sci., 480 (2015) 93-103. FOLLAIN N., SAIAH R, FATYEYEVA K., (...)

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ALIX S., MORVAN C., LEBRUN L., MARAIS S. Pressure impact of autoclave treatment on water sorption and pectin composition of flax cellulosic-fibres. Carbohydrate Polym. 102 (2014) 21-29. DAHI A., FATYEYEVA K., LANGEVIN D., CHAPPEY C., ROGALSKY S. P., TARASYUK O.P., BENAMOR A., MARAIS S. Supported ionic liquid membranes for water and volatile organic compounds separation : sorption and permeation properties. J. Membr. Sci., 458 (2014) 164-178. FOLLAIN N., CHAPPEY C., DARGENT E., CHIVRAC F., (...)

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SIQUEIRA G., BRAS J., FOLLAIN N., BELBEKHOUCHE S., MARAIS S., DUFRESNE A. Thermal and mechanical properties of bio-nanocomposites reinforced by Luffa cylindrica cellulose nanocrystals. Carbohydrate Polymers, 91 (2013) 711-717. FOLLAIN N., BELBEKHOUCHE S., BRAS J., SIQUEIRA G., MARAIS S., DUFRESNE A. Water transport properties of bio-nanocomposites reinforced by Luffa cylindrica cellulose nanocrystals. J. Membr. Sci., 427 (2013) 218-229. PAYNEL F. MORVAN C., MARAIS S, LEBRUN L. Improvement (...)

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ALIX S., LEBRUN L., MARAIS S., PHILIPPE E., BOURMAUD A., BALEY C., MORVAN C. Pectinase treatments of technical fibres of flax : effects on water sorption and mechanical properties. Carbohydrate Polymers, 87 (2012) 177-185. ROGALSKYY S., BARDEAU J.-F., TARASYUK O., FATYEYEVA K. Fabrication of new antifungal poyamide-12 material. Polymer Int., 61-5 (2012) 686-691. MIKHALOVSKA L.I., GUN’KO V.M., RUGAL A.A., ORANSKA O.I., GORNIKOV Y.I., MORVAN C., FOLLAIN N., DOMAS C., MIKHALOVSKY S.V. (...)

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BELBEKHOUCHE S., BRAS J., SIQUEIRA G., CHAPPEY C., LEBRUN L., KHELIFI B., MARAIS S., DUFRESNE A. Water sorption behavior and gas barrier properties of cellulose whiskers and microfibrils films. Carbohydrate Polymers, 83 (2011) 1740-1748 FATYEYEVA K., BIGARRÉ J., BLONDEL B., GALIANO H., GAUD D., LECARDEUR M., PONCIN-EPAILLARD F. Grafting of p-styrene sulfonate and 1,3-propane sultone onto Laponite for proton exchange membrane fuel cell application. J. Membr. Sci. 366 (2011) 33-42. (...)

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FOLLAIN N., VALLETON J.M., LEBRUN L., ALEXANDRE B., SCHAETZEL P., METAYER M., MARAIS S. Simulation of kinetic curves in mass transfer phenomena for a concentration-dependent diffusion coefficient in polymer membranes. J. Membrane Sci., 349 : 195-207 (2010). HOR M., RIAD A., BENJJAR A., LEBRUN L., HLAÏBI M.. Technique of supported liquid membranes (SLMs) for the facilitated transport of vanadium ions (VO2+) : Parameters and mechanism on the transport process. Desalination, 255 : 188-195 (...)

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Effect of chemical treatments on water sorption and mechanical properties of flax fibres Bioresource Technology, Volume 100, Issue 20, October 2009, Pages 4742-4749 S. Alix, E. Philippe, A. Bessadok, L. Lebrun, C. Morvan, S. Marais Study of water sorption on modified Agave fibres Carbohydrate Polymers, Volume 76, Issue 1, 2 March 2009, Pages 74-85 A. Bessadok, D. Langevin, F. Gouanvé, C. Chappey, S. Roudesli, S. Marais Water barrier properties of polyamide 12/montmorillonite nanocomposite (...)

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FOLLAIN N., MONTANARI S., JEACOMINE I., GAMBARELLI S., VIGNON M.R. Coupling of amines with polyglucuronic acid : evidence for amide bond formation Carbohydrate Polymers, 2008, 74, 333-343 Removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by filtration with a novel complexing membrane containing poly(ethyleneimine) in a poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix Journal of Membrane Science, Volume 307, Issue 2, 15 January 2008, Pages 249-259 H. Bessbousse, T. Rhlalou, J.-F. Verchère, L. Lebrun Sorption (...)

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BESSADOK A., MARAIS S., GOUANVE F., COLASSE L., ROUDESLI S., ZIMMERLIN I., METAYER M. Effect of chemical treatments of Alfa (Stipa tenacissima) fibres on water-sorption properties. Compos. Sci. Technol., 67 : 685-697 (2007). GOUANVE F., MARAIS S., BESSADOK A., LANGEVIN D., METAYER M. Kinetics of water sorption in flax and PET fibers. Eur. Polym. J., 43 : 586-598 (2007). HAMOUDA S. BEN, NGUYEN Q. T., LANGEVIN D., CHAPPEY C., ROUDESLI S. Polyamide 12-polytetramethyleneoxide block (...)

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ALEXANDRE B., MARAIS S., LANGEVIN D., MEDERIC P., AUBRY T. Nanocomposite-based polyamide 12/montmorrillonite : relationships between structures and transport properties. Desalination, 199 : 164-166 (2006). BEN HAMOUDA S., NGUYEN Q.T., LANGEVIN D., SCHAETZEL P., ROUDESLI S. Fine characterization of the ethylene and ethane sorption in poly(amide 12-block-tetramethyleneoxyde) copolymer/AgBF4 membranes. Eur. Polym. J., 42 : 2994-3005 (2006). DUVAL-TERRIE C., LEBRUN L. Polymerization of (...)

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