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par Stéphane Marais - 5 avril 2018

• A. MARCANO, K. FATYEYEVA, M. KOUN, P. DUBUIS, M. GRIMME, S. MARAIS Reviews in Chemical Engineering (accepted 2018) Recent developments in the field of barrier and permeability properties of segmented polyurethane elastomers.

• E. RYNKOWSKA, K. FATYEYEVA, J. KUJAWA, A. WOLAN, K. DZIESZKOWSKI and W. KUJAWSKI Polymers 10, (2018) 86-104. The effect of reactive ionic liquid or plasticizer incorporation on physicochemical and transport properties of cellulose acetate propionate-based membranes

• FOLLAIN N., BELBEKHOUCHE S., BRAS J., SIQUEIRA G., CHAPPEYC., MARAIS S., DUFRESNE A. Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 545 (2018) 26-30 Tunable gas barrier properties of filled-PCL film by forming percolating cellulose network

• MOUADILI H., MAJID S., KAMAL O., El ATMANI E. H., TOUAJ K., Lebrun L., HLAIBI M. Separation and Purification Technology 200 (2018) 230-241 New Grafted Polymer Membrane for extraction, separation and recovery processes of Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose from the sugar industry discharges.

• JEAN E., VILLEMIN D., HLAIBI M., LEBRUN L. Separation and Purification Technology 201 (2018) 1-9. Heavy metal ions extraction using new supported liquid membranes containing ionic liquid as carrier.

• EL ATMANI E.H., BENELYAMANI A., MOUADILI H., TARHOUCHI S., MAJID S., TOUAJ K., LEBRUN L., HLAIBI M. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 126 (2018) 201–210. The oriented processes for extraction and recovery of paracetamol compound across different affinity polymer membranes. Parameters and mechanisms.

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