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par Didier Le Cerf - 31 mars 2016

BELBEKHOUCHE S., PICTON L., LE CERF D., HAMAIDE T. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 216 (2015) 1879-1887 Pullulan-based polymer surfactants for vinyl acetate miniemulsion polymerization. Kinetics and colloidal stability investigations

PAYNEL F., PAVLOV A., COLASSE L., RIHOUEY C., FOLLAIN N., DURIATTI D., BIZET L., ALLAN I., LEBRUN L., MARAIS S., MORVAN C. Composites Part A Applied Science and Manufacturing, 69 (2015) 299-305 Preparation and characterization of flax biocomposites made of seed mucilage reinforced by fibers

DJEDRI S., ISSAADI R., PICTON L., MOULAI-MOSTEFA N., LE CERF D. Research on Chemical Intermediate, 41, 8 (2015) 5665-5679 Effect of biopolymer addition on the formulation and properties of an oil-in-water microemulsion

AMMAR H.H., LAJILI S., BEN SAID R., LE CERF D., BOURAOUI A., MAJDOUB H. DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 23, 1 (2015) 1-8 Physico-chemical characterization and pharmacological evaluation of sulfated polysaccharides from three species of Mediterranean brown algae of the genus Cystoseira

HOYPIERRES J., DULONG V., RIHOUEY C., ALEXANDRE S., PICTON L., THEBAULT P. Langmuir, 31 (2015) 254–261 Two methods for one-point anchoring of a linear polysaccharide on a gold surface

FERNANDEZ MM, GERGELY C, KARAKASYAN-DIA C., JOUENNE T, HADIJI N. GARGOURI R. Arch. Virol., 160, 10 (2015) 2427-2433 Characterization of the variant C69R HBsAg : Effect on the binding to the anti-HBs and structure of the virus like Particles.

POTTIER C, DULONG V, SOUGUIR Z, PICTON L, MORANDI G, LE CERF D. J. Pol. Sci. Part A : Polymer Chemistry, 53 (2015) 2606-2616 Thermo- and pH-sensitive triblock copolymers with tunable hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties

DARDELLE F, LE MAUFF F, LEHNER A, LOUTELIER-BOURHIS C, BARDOR M, RIHOUEY C, CAUSSE M, LEROUGE P, DRIOUICH A, MOLLET JC Annals Bot. 115 (2015) 55-66 Pollen tube cell walls of wild and domesticated tomatoes contain arabinosylated and fucosylated xyloglucan

ALI G, DULONG V, GASMI SN, RIHOUEY C, PICTON L, LE CERF D Biotechnol. Prog. 31,4 (2015) 883-889 Covalent immobilization of pullulanase on alginate and study of its hydrolysis of pullulan

CHAOUCH M., HAFSA J., RIHOUEY C., LE CERF D., MAJDOUB H. Intern. J. Biol. Macromol. 79 (2015) 779-786 Free radical depolymerization of polysaccharides from Opuntia ficus indica cladodes : Antioxidant and antiglycated activities

FELKAI-HADDACHE L., REMINI H., DULONG V., MAMOU-BELHABIB K., PICTON L., MADANI K. RIHOUEY C. Food and Bioprocess Technology · DOI : 0.1007/s11947-015-1640-7 Conventional and microwave-assisted extraction of mucilage from Opuntia ficus-indica cladodes : Physico-chemical and rheological properties

KARAKASYAN C., MATHOS J. LACK S., DAVY J., MARQUIS M. RENARD D. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 135 (2015) 619-629. Microfluidics-assisted generation of stimuli-responsive hydrogels based on alginates incorporated with thermo-responsive and amphiphilic polymers as novel biomaterials

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