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par Virginie Dulong - 7 janvier 2011

  • CONLON, J.M., COQUET, L., JOUENNE, T., LEPRINCE, J., VAUDRY, H. and S. IWAMURO. Evidence from the primary structures of dermal antimicrobial peptides that Rana tagoi okiensis and Rana tagoi tagoi (Ranidae) are not conspecific subspecies. Toxicon, 2010, 55 : 430 – 435
  • TABBENE, O., KARKOUCH, I., ELKAHOUI, S., COSETTE, P., MANGONI, M.L., JOUENNE, T and F. LIMAM. A new antibacterial and antioxidant compound S07-2 produced by-B. subtilis B38. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 2010, 303 : 176-182
  • NIGAUD, Y., COSETTE, P., COLLET, A., CHAN TCHI SONG, P., VAUDRY, D., VAUDRY, H., JUNTER, G.A. and T. JOUENNE. Biofilm-induced modifications in the proteome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa planktonic cells. BBA - Proteins and Proteomics, 2010, 1804 : 957-966.
  • CONLON, M., AHMED, E., COQUET, L., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE T., VAUDRY, H. and J.D. KING. Primary structures of skin antimicrobial peptides indicate a close, but not conspecific, phylogenetic relationship between the leopard frogs Lithobates onca and Lithobates yavapiensis (Ranidae). Comparative Biochemistry Physiology, Toxicol Pharmacol. 2010, 151 : 313-317.
  • AL-GHAFERI, N., J KOLODZIEJEK J., NOWOTNY N., COQUET, L. JOUENNE, T., LEPRINE, J., T VAUDRY, H., KING, J.D. AND J.M. CONLON. Antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretions of the South-East Asian frog Hylarana erythraea (Ranidae). Peptides, 2010, 31 : 548-554. .
  • BORGHOL, N., PONSONNET, L., JOUENNE, T., JAFFÉZIC-RENAULT, N., SAKLY, N., DUNCAN, A.C. CHEVALIER, Y., LEJEUNE, P. and A. OTHMANE Monitoring of E. Coli immobilization on modified gold electrode : a new bacterial based glucose sensor. BiotechnoL Bioprocess. Eng., 2010,15 : 220-228.
  • SAVAGE, D.D., ROSENBERG, M., COQUET, L., STAPLES, M., PERRONE-BIZZOZERO, N.I. and T. JOUENNE. Effects of moderate drinking during pregnancy on placental gene and protein expression. Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res., 2010, 34 (S) : 25A-25A
  • MECHKARSKA, M., AHMED, E., COQUET, L., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., KING, J.D. and J.M. CONLON. Antimicrobial peptides with therapeutic potential from skin secretions of the Marsabit clawed frog Xenopus borealis (Pipidae). Toxicon, Comparative Biochemistry Physiology, Toxicol Pharmacol. 2010, 152 : 467-472.
  • DEDJA, A., CHAN, P., SEABORN, T., COQUET, L., JOUENNE, T., FOURNIER, A., VAUDRY, H., and D. VAUDRY. .Involvement of stathmin 1 in the neurotrophic effects of PACAP in PC12 cells. J. Mol. Neurosci. 2010, 42 : 298-298.

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