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par Virginie Dulong - 14 novembre 2010

  • ACL66 ABDERRAHMANE S., HIMOUR A., PONSONNET L. Inactivation of E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa by electrochloration under bipolar pulsed polarization. Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 901-905 (2008).
  • ACL69 BAKHTI M.Z., SELATNIA A., JUNTER G.-A. Biosorption of Ag+ from aqueous solution by Streptomyces rimosus biomass. Int. J. Environ. Pollut., 34 : 297-307 (2008).
  • ACL70 BAYOUDH S., OTHMANE A., PONSONNET L. Electrical detection and characterization of bacterial adhesion using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy-based flow chamber. Colloid Surface A, 318 : 291-300 (2008).
  • ACL75 BOUAFSOUN A., OTHMANE A., JAFFREZIC-RENAULT N., KERKENI A., THOUMIRE O., PRIGENT A.F, PONSONNET L. Impedance endothelial cell biosensor for lipopolysaccharide detection. Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 653-661 (2008).
  • ACL76 BRUNOT C., GROSGOGEAT B., PICART C., LAGNEAU C., JAFFREZIC-RENAULT N., PONSONNET L. Response of fibroblast activity and polyelectrolyte multilayers films coating titanium. Dent Mater., 24 : 1025-35 (2008).
  • ACL79 CONLON J.M., KOLODZIEJEK J., NOWOTNY N., LEPRINCE J., VAUDRY H., COQUET L., JOUENNE T., KING J.D. Characterization of antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretions of the Malaysian frogs, Odorrana hosii and Hylarana picturata (Anura : ranidae). Toxicon, 52 : 465-473 (2008).
  • ACL82 DÉ E., SAINT N., GLINEL K., MÉLI A. C., LÉVY D., JACOB-DUBUISSON F.Influence of the passenger domain of a model autotransporter on the properties of its translocator domain. Mol. Membr. Biol., 25 : 192-202 (2008).
  • ACL87 GRITSCH K., PONSONNET L., SCHEMBRI C., FARGE P., POURREYRON L., GROSGOGEAT B. Biological behaviour of buccal cells exposed to blue light. Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 805-810 (2008).
  • ACL90 KHEMIRI A., JOUENNE T., COSETTE P. Presence in Legionella pneumophila of a like-mammalian mitochondrial permeability transition pore ? FEMS Microbiol. Lett., 278, 171-176 (2008).
  • ACL91 KHEMIRI A., JOUENNE T., COSETTE P. Outer membrane proteomic maps and surface-exposed proteins of Legionella pneumophila using cellular fractionation and fluorescent labeling. Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 390 : 1861-1871 (2008).
  • ACL92 KING J.D., LEPRINCE J., VAUDRY H., COQUET L., JOUENNE T., CONLON J.M. Purification and characterization of antimicrobial peptides from the Caribbean frog, Leptodactylus validus (Anura:Leptodactylidae). Peptides, 29 : 1287-1292 (2008).
  • ACL97 PONSONNET L., BOUREANU M., JAFFREZIC N., OTHMANE A., DOREL C., LEJEUNE P. Local pH variation as an initial step in bacterial surface-sensing and biofilm formation. Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 896-900 (2008).
  • ACL102 WIRTH C., GROSGOGEAT B., LAGNEAU C., EXBRAYAT P., JAFFREZIC-RENAULT N., PONSONNET L. Biomaterial surface properties modulate in vitro rat Calvaria osteoblasts response : roughness and/or chemistry ? Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 28 : 990-1001 (2008).
  • ACL104 ZERROUK Z., ALEXANDRE S., LAFONTAINE C., NORRIS V., VALLETON J.M. Inner membrane lipids of Escherichia coli form domains. Colloid Surface B, 63 : 306-310 (2008).

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