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par Virginie Dulong - 14 novembre 2010

  • CHARTREL, N., BRUZZONE, F., LEPRINCE, J., TOLLEMER, H., ANOUAR, Y., DO-REGO J.C., SEGELAS-MILAZZO, I., GUILHAUDIS, L., COSETTE, P., JOUENNE, T., SIMMONET, G., BEAUVILLAIN, J.C., COSTENTIN, J., VAUDRY, H. Structure and functions of the novel hypothalamic RFamide neuropeptides R-RFa and 26RFa in vertebrates. Peptides 27 : 1110-1120 (2006)
  • CONLON, J.M., AL-GHAFARI, N., COQUET, L., C LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., DAVIDSONE, C.S. Evidence from peptidomic analysis of skin secretions that the red-legged frogs, Rana aurora draytonii and Rana aurora aurora are distinct species. Peptides, 27 : 1305-1312 (2006)
  • CONLON, J.M., AL-GHAFERI, N., ABRAHAM, B., SONNEVEND, A., COQUET, L., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., IWAMURO, S. Antimicrobial peptides from the skin of the Tsushima brown frog Rana tsushimensis. Comp. Biochem Physiol., part C, 143 : 42-49 (2006)
  • CONLON, J.M., AL-GHAFERI, N., ABRAHAM, B., JIANSBERG, H., COSETTE, P., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H. Antimicrobial peptides from diverse families isolated from the skin of the Asian frog, Rana grahami. Peptides, 27 : 2111-2117 (2006)
  • DJERIBI-MOUSSAOUI, S., JOUENNE, T., DJERIBI, R. Biofilms formation on intra-uterine devices (IUD) and risk of pelvic inflammatory. Gynecol. Obs., 505-506 : 13-17 (2006).
  • LEBON, A., SEYER, D., COSETTE, P., COQUET, L., JOUENNE, T., CHAN, P., LEPRINCE, J., FOURNIER, A., VAUDRY, H., GONZALEZ, B.J., VAUDRY, D. Identification of proteins regulated by PACAP in PC12 cells by 2D gel electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry. Ann. New York Acad. Scie., 1070:380-387 (2006).
  • JAOUEN, T., CHEVALIER, S., COQUET, L., MARVIN-GUY, L., ORANGE, N., DÉ., E. Functional characterization of two outer membrane proteins from Pseudomonas fluorescens : OprE1 and OprE3. Biochem. Biophis. Res. Co., 346 : 1048-1052 (2006)
  • DUNCAN, A., ROUAIS, F., LAZARE, S., and BAQUEY, CH. Effect of laser modified surface microtopochemistry on endothelial cell growth. Colloids Surf. B : Biointerf., sous presse.
  • CONLON, J.M., COQUET, L., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., KOLODZIEJEK, J, NOWOTNY, N., BEVIER, C.R., MOLER, P.E. Primary structures of dermal peptides from Rana heckscheri and Rana okaloosae provide insight into phylogenetic relationships among frogs of the Aquarana species group.Dev. Comp Immunol., sous presse.
  • COLLET, A., COSETTE, P., VILAIN, S., COSETTE, P., JUNTER, G.A., JOUENNE, T., PHILIPPS, R. DI MARTINO, P. Protein expression in E. coli S17-1 biofilms : impact of indole.Anton. Leeuw. Inter. J. G. sous presse.
  • BAKHTI, M.Z., SELATNIA, A., JUNTER, G.-A. Biosorption of Ag+ from aqueous solution by Streptomyces rimosus biomass.Int. J. Environ. Pollut., sous presse
  • LEBEAU, T., JOUENNE, T. and G.A. JUNTER. The ability of Candida shehatae co-immobilized with Saccharomyces cerevisiae to metabolize xylose from a glucose and xylose mixture. Microbiol. Res., sous presse
  • SIROY, A., COSETTE, P., SEYER, D., LEMAITRE-GUILLIER, C., VALLENET, D., VAN DORSSELAER, A., PESTEL-CARON, M., JOUENNE, T. and E. DE. Global comparison of the membrane subproteomes between a MDR Acinetobacter baumannii and a reference strain. J. Prot. Res., 2006, 5 : 3385-3398
  • DUNCAN ; A., ROUAIS, F., LAZARE, S. and CH BAQUEY. Surface modification for improved microfabrication and micropatterning of polymer based biomaterials, Colloids Surf. B : Biointerf, sous presse.
  • LIENARD, D., TRAN DINH, O., VAN OVERTVELT, V., BONNEAU, C., WAMBRE, E., BARDOR, M., COSETTE, P., LURENT, A.D., DORLHAC DE BORNE, F., DELON, R., VAN REE, R., MOINGEON, P., FAYE, L. and V. GOMORD Production of recombinant allergens in plant cells.Plant Biotechnol. J., sous presse
  • CHERGUI, A., BAKHTI, M.Z., CHAHBOUD, A., HADDOUM, S., SELATNIA, A. and G.A. JUNTER. Simultaneous biosorption of Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cr6+ from aqueous solution by Streptomyces rimosus biomass. Desalination, sous presse.
  • DUSSART-BAPTISTA, L., BODILIS, J., BARRAY, S., FREBOURG, N., FOURNIER, M., DUPONT, J.P. and T. JOUENNE. Recurrent recovery of Pseudomonas oryzihabitans strains in a karstified chalk aquifer. Wat. Res., sous presse.
  • MAMELLI, L.DEDIEU, L., DE, E., KONKEL, M., PAGES, J.M. and J.-M. BOLLA. Chromosomal His-Tagging : An alternative approach to membrane protein Purification Proteomics, sous presse
  • IWAMURO, S., OHNUMA, A., COQUET, L., LEPRINCE, J., JOUENNE, T., VAUDRY, H., TAYLOR, C., ABEL, P.W. and J.M. CONLON. Expression of genes encoding antimicrobial and bradykinin-related peptides in skin of the japenese brown frog, Rana sakuraii Biochem. Biophys. Acta, sous presse.

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