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par Virginie Dulong - 14 novembre 2010

  • F. Cecchet, A.-S. Duwez, S. Gabriel, C. Jérôme, R. Jérôme, K. Glinel, S. Demoustier-Champagne, A. M. Jonas and B. Nysten "Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of the Morphology and the Biological Activity of Protein-Modified Surfaces for Bio- and Immuno-Sensors", Analytical Chemistry 2007, 79, 6488-6495.
  • Souguir Z., Roudesli S., About-Jaudet E., Le Cerf D. And Picton L. Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of a novel ampholytic pullulan derivative with amphiphilic behavior in alkaline media. Journal of Colloids and Interfaces Sciences, 313, (2007) 108–116
  • Le Cerf D., Simon S., Argillier J.F.And Picton L. Contribution of Flow Field Flow Fractionation with On Line Static and Dynamic Light Scattering to the Study of Hydrosoluble Polyelectrolyte ComplexesAnalytica Chimica Acta, 604 , (2007) 2–8
  • Souguir Z., Roudesli S., Picton L., Le Cerf D. And About-Jaudet E. Novel cationic and amphiphilic pullulan derivatives I : Synthesis and characterizationEuropean Polymer Journal, 43 (2007) 4940–4950
  • Henni-Silhadi W., Deyme M., Boissonnade M. M., Appel M., Le Cerf D., Picton L., And Rosilio V. Enhancement of the solubility and efficacy of poorly water-soluble drugs by hydrophobically-modified polysaccharide derivatives. Pharmaceutical Research, 24, 12, (2007) 2317-2326.
  • A. M Jonas, K. Glinel, R. Oren, B. Nysten and W. T. S. Huck "Thermo-Responsive Polymer Brushes with Tunable Collapse Temperature in the Physiological Range" Macromolecules 2007, 40, 4403-4405
  • A. Alem, F. Blondeau, K. Glinel, S. Demoustier and A. M. Jonas "Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyelectrolytes in Nano-Pores" Macromolecules 2007, 40, 3366-3372.
  • M. Schoenoff, V. Ball, A. R. Bausch, C. Dejugnat, N. Delorme, K. Glinel, R. v. Klitzing and R. Steitz "Hydration and Internal Properties of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers" Colloids and Surfaces A 2007, 303, 14-29.
  • Th. Zemb, D. Carrière, K. Glinel, M. Hartman, A. Meister, Cl. Vautrin, N. Delorme, A. Fery and M. Dubois "Catanionic bilayers as micro-crystals with in-plane ordered alternate" Colloids and Surfaces A 2007, 303, 37-45
  • K. Glinel, C. Déjugnat, M. Prevot, B. Schoeler, M. Schoenoff and R. v. Klitzing "Responsive Polyelectrolyte Multilayers" Colloids and Surfaces A 2007, 303, 3-13
  • Lack S., Dulong V., Picton L., Le Cerf D. And Condamine E. High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Polysaccharides Crosslinked by STMP : a Proposal for the Reaction Mechanism, Carbohydr. Res. 2007, 342, 943-953
  • Mocanu G., Mihai D., Le Cerf D., Picton L. And Dulong V. New polysaccharide-based microparticles crosslinked with siloxanic units. I. Synthesis and characterization, React. Funct. Polym 2007, 67, 60-66
  • V. Dulong, G. Mocanu, D. Le Cerf, A novel amphiphilic pH-sensitive hydrogel based on pullulan, Colloid & Polymer Science 2007 285(10), 1085-1091
  • Colinet I., Picton L., Muller G., Le Cerf D. pH-dependent stability of scleroglucan borate gels Carbohyd. Polym., 2007, 69(1), 65-71

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